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FIZIKA is a place of power that allows you to maintain and improve your health in a broad sense. That is why

The club's ecosystem includes three main areas:


You can entrust your physical health
to us and get excellent results without unnecessary injuries and worries


Quality recovery is no less important than training. That's why our masseurs and beauty therapists will provide qualified assistance. And this is without changing location


Pilates is a type of intellectual fitness.
It develops the body's flexibility, mobility, coordination, and helps to recover faster

other areas

Functional training

— is a set of exercises that simulates natural human movements, promotes muscle development, strengthens the heart, improves coordination, movement control, and increases strength and flexibility, ensuring physical fitness for everyday life.


— is a workout used by track, field and other athletes to improve speed, endurance, and explosive power.

It loads up the musculoskeletal system and helps develop athletic power, muscle strength, and reaction time.

Strength training

— are aimed at increasing the strength and volume of skeletal muscles through physical exercises with heavy barbells, dumbbells, and other exercise equipment or your own body weight.

It promotes the development of strength, helps you gain weight or lose weight, improves your musculoskeletal system and posture, stabilizes your hormones, and builds a well-rounded and toned body.


— are effective functional training exercises where you use only your own body weight and loops as the main equipment.

These exercises help to develop strength, flexibility, endurance and balance while improving the body's functional capabilities and stabilizing its core.


— is a platform with geographical markers that creates movement measurability in three planes.

By navigating the signs, you can change body positions, creating a large number of movement combinations similar to everyday ones.

Training on Procedos includes many combinations of movements, which contributes to the development of muscles, their strength and flexibility.


— is a workout for muscles, development of thinking and strength that increases reaction time, agility, endurance and psychological stability.

It is an excellent sport for self-expression and functional cardio training, which allows you to burn up to 1500 Kcal.

Muay Thai (Thai boxing)

— is a popular martial art with effective technique and elegant plasticity.

Fighters have a stylish athletic figure and a sense of confidence.

Muay Thai training promotes muscle development, maintains body tone, and improves reaction time.


— is a type of martial arts that combines Thai boxing and karate techniques (such as kicks and grappling).

By practicing kickboxing you strengthen muscles, improve endurance and flexibility.

Training includes punching, which improves cardio and helps you develop punching accuracy and power.


— is a set of exercises aimed at improving the flexibility of muscles and joints.

By completing it you stretch your muscles, increase their elasticity and reduce the risk of injury.

It also helps you relax and improve your posture.


— is a combination of stretching and aerobics.

During aerostretching, you combine static stretching exercises with aerobic elements.

This increases your cardio and helps to stretch your muscles while improving your physical endurance and flexibility.

power ZONE


Functional zone


Fight zone


Cardio zone


Pilates ROOM



our specialists are among the strongest coaches in Ukraine, they constantly update their arsenal with new knowledge, skills and modern sports and fitness trends, therefore they are multitaskers and can work in different directions


  • Certified coach of TRX Functional

  • Certified coach of Procedos

  • Certified 3D Maps coach

  • Certified RockDoc (taping) coach

  • Master of Sports of international class in kickboxing

  • Vice world champion in kickboxing

  • Champion of Ukraine in kickboxing and Thai boxing

Director and coach at FIZIKA

Oleksandr Vdovika

Qualifications and achievements


  • Higher medical education

  • Certified stretching coach

  • Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics

  • Professional dancer

  • Certified massage therapist (general, sports, lymphatic drainage)

  • Certified osteopath (soft techniques, CST)

coach at FIZIKA

Rusanova Margarita

Qualifications and achievements


  • Certified coach in Thai boxing Muay Thai (NUUPES)

  • The first master in Ukraine in the specialization "System of training athletes in martial arts" (NUUPES)

  • Postgraduate student (NUUPES)

  • Master of Sports of international class

  • Champion and prize-winner of International and All-Ukrainian competitions in Thai boxing, kickboxing, Kudo, MMA and many other martial arts

coach at FIZIKA

Grigoriev Vladislav

Qualifications and achievements


  • Physical conditioning coach of the national hockey team of Ukraine

  • Certified coach for professional athletes

  • Certified TRX functional coach

  • Certified coach of TriggerPoint IFR

  • Certified Exos Absolute speed coach

  • Master's degree in sports training and coaching in Olympic sports

Physical fitness coach

Zadoenko Oleg

Qualifications and achievements

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